Too hot to be in the house...Too hot to write...I'm just too, HOT!



Today I must of looked GOOD...Because a guy asked me to marry him...Right there...Standing in line at Alberstons...His exact words were along the lines of, "When you have someone wit' a package like that, who can work it, then you have to make a line for it!" This was followed by, "Don't tell your husband...I don't want him to bust-up on me!" followed by, "But hey, will you marry me anyways?"

My "suitor" was a a "traveling man" of sorts...With a big cold 44 to share...and the sweet smell of some old 44 on his breath...Yup...I'm kicking myself!!


I Am Slinky...

You are Slinky Heels!

You're an uptown, well put together woman
But you're not too uptight to enjoy a hot club
You're always the best dressed chick in the room
And you'll only settle for the best in men
What Kind of Shoe Are You?

Well...that about says it! (LOL)
(Thanks to Smee for the link)


I LOVE "the Talk"

We have a tradition in our family. My husband and I decided that when our kids turn eight, that since it is the "age of accountablility," and that there is so much influence going on in the lives of our children, that we would have "THE TALK" sometime during the 8-9 year mark (depending on the nature and maturity of the child!), with the hope that we would be able to introduce them, in OUR way, to the topic.

I LOVE this talk, and look forward to it!! I don't know why people get all flustered when they gear up to talk to their children about good ol' procreation?! These are the reasons why I love it:

1) WE get to do the introduction, direction, and teaching of our children, so hopefully their first interaction with the subject is from US...so far, this has been the case!

2) We get to "build up" the excitement of the experience of their "special date." We tell them before-hand that they are going to get to go on a special date with mom and dad, ALONE, and get to hear about something AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, and SPECIAL! This gets them really excited, and more importantly, it creates a POSITIVE environment from the get-go. I think so many kids get into trouble because their parents either a) don't do anything or b) present sex and something that is "bad" or something that is "hush-hush." I WANT my kids to be able to talk to me about anything...even sex! I want them to know that when respected, sex is the most beautiful gift that our father in heaven has given us...the ability to create a life!

3) We get to teach them the concept of "love." They may "love" many people in their lives, but the type of love you must have to express it through sex is this: When that special someone says, "I love you so much that I want to take you to the temple, and be sealed to you forever and all eternity..." or (boys) "I love you so much that I want to take you to the temple, and be sealed to you forever and all eternity..." THIS is the type of loving gesture that comes after you have committed to one another in the holy temple.

4) The book we use, "Where Did I Come From," by Peter Mayle, is the BEST!! It uses the greatest illustrations (simple for kids...comical for adults...but realistic), correct definitions, and basically takes you from head to toe, from what happens in sex to having babies, in a way that children can understand, and not feel overwhelmed by. We start by asking our kids what is the greatest thing on earth? (people) Wouldn't it then be amazing to learn how a person is created? What do you remember about the birth of (younger sibling, friend, cousin, etc.)? How do YOU think babies get into the mommy's tummy? Is it important that a mommy and a daddy love each other? How do you show someone you love them? (hugs, kisses,) How does mommy and daddy show each other? (hugs, kisses, more kisses!) Did you know that there is a an even bigger, better kind of action that a husband and wife can do? It makes them feel really good and loved AND--and this is the most exciting part--this special kind of action is what can get a baby started growing, inside of a mom!

5) The expression on my kids face when they hear what happens during sex...PRICELESS!

6) We get to express to them the joy they have brought to our lives--the joy that hopefully they will be able to experience with that special person, as they create their own "forever family."

What is there to be embarrassed about?

(Two down...one to go!!)


The Gentle Weapon

So...We again tried a night out to dinner as a family...My three year old just DOES NOT get it!! So, we are sitting in the restuarant, with my son going CRAZY, and I overhear the people at the next table talking:

Snotty lady with plug up bottom: "Dad...do you want to go to another room? Because we can move to another room..."
Father of Snotty lady with plug up bottom: Looks DIRECTLY at me as they pass.

I was talking to my husband in the car and told him how I should of gone up to them and said, "I'm sorry about my son...It's just with his TOURRETTES/AUTISM/BEING A THREE YR OLD! can be hard to manage...Sorry I wrecked your "perfect" world..." but I'm just a stay-at-home-mom, who had "a day," who wanted a nice dinner, with no dishes to do, and to sit at a table with the people who are most important to me..."

Then it got me thinking about how the world is so judgemental...how outside appearances are taken with NO grain of salt...What if my child DID have special needs? No one can know all that goes on behind the eyes of a person. I have a dear friend who is beyond beautiful...She models, seems to get skinnier with each child, has a beautiful home, and is so talented in so many ways that I cannot number them all. By a "glance," she looks like she has it all...and unfortunetaly, there have been many "sisters" in her ward who have resorted to their high-school mentalities, and have treated her VERY cruelly. She was recently put in as RS President (oh boy!), and besides this and the fifty million other things she does, she found out that she has to start chemotherapy (for the THIRD time) to help treat her lupus, which is affecting her heart...

Appearances can be many things...but if you live your life by them, judge by them, and condemn by them, no matter how wonderful your own appearance, the ugliness is still there.

So...Be nice to the mother with the screaming child...Be kind to the women in your ward who you think never has anything "bad" happen to her...Be the kind of person who doesn't judge based on appearances...Be that kind of person who truly tries to "see."

"Show me the goodness, the beauty, the kindness in everyone I meet. "
— Rebbe Nachman of Breslov in The Gentle Weapon

(I guess this means even "Snotty Lady with Plug up Bottom" might have "issues.." I guess I should call her "Snotty Lady wih Plug up Bottom Who Might be Pretty on the Inside.")