My Brother...1979-2009

My dear, wonderful, talented, loyal, uncensored, favorite uncle to my children, ethical, meticulous, master chef, athletic, gentle, strong, intelligent, humorous, charitable, caring, amazing brother passed away today...Words cannot express my loss...Words cannot express my joy in the gospel hope...


Running way to fast...but enjoying each step!

Last week was crazy--but I survived! I was talking with my mom the other day, and I was telling her that despite how crazy life can be, I would rather be REALLY busy, than REALLY not busy. When I have deadlines, projects, goals, kids, husband, callings, LIFE, I feel energized...even when I feel like I will collapse from it all!
I find inspiration from people who beat the odds...Those people who have special needs kids, and do it with a smile on their face. Those people who have beaten cancer, or any other violent disease. Those people who are always positive, despite what life may give them. Those people who are forgiving to all, and who show true, charity. Those people who are sincerely humble, who don't recognize how strong they really are. Those people who have an ugly past, but are making a beautiful future. Those people who show unconditional love, even when the world tells them to be selfish, and cruel.
I find it is all in my perspective...if I search for the bad, that is what I will find...but if I search for the good, I find abundance.


Running way to fast...

I think I have too much going on.......Work is 30 hours a week.....My business is around 5-10 hours a week....Am in charge of the Teacher's Dinner tonight for Parent Teacher Conferences...Thinking about going back to school to get my Special Education certification at BYU that is a year intensive program....Stake Trek this year, not to mention I'm speaking tomorrow night, and in November at Stake meetings, not to mention all the other BILLION Stake meetings deemed "necessary"....Family? Kids? Husband (who is he?)

Did I mention I ran out of one of my "crazy" meds, and have been too busy to pick it up?

Break over....flying back to work!!!


Talented Friend with Words

Though it's still too cold outside for my liking---life is GOOD!! LOVED my friend's blog entry for today about "Keep Going." We all determine the course our lives take--including our happiness!! It will take work, but it is always worth it in the end!!! (and yes, she will be a famous author one day!) Go Melissa!!

"Keep Going"