Ocher, Ochre, OQUIRRH?!

We were able to take our two oldest kids, and go to the Oquirrh Hills Temple dedication. It was so amazing for them to be able to participate in a temple ordinance, and see another aspect of how holy it is, and why it is so important to be worthy and ready to attend the temples of the Lord. It is a true place of learning, and guidance for us. A place of refuge and sanctuary from the world. Elder Bednar said: "Men and women are ever learning; and never come to the truth." What a blessing it is that we can know the truths that will enable us to return to our Father in Heaven. The only place to know, learn of , and ponder these truths lie within the walls of the temple. What a wonderful blessing.

(side note: Could they have chosen a more confusing way to spell "Oquirrh?" Why not ocher or "ochre," like the color?)


Weaknesses to Strengths--A summer in review

Hello again!

Where has the summer gone? Is it seriously over? Can my 8th grader really be starting school today? Is my daughter really wearing a size 8 shoe now? Will my 6 year old's teacher survive the year?!

As I look back, I am amazed at all that has so quickly run it's course the past three months. Through it all, there has been an underlying theme to much of my life...that the Lord WILL point out your weaknesses, but also show you how to make them STRENGTHS...

Girls Camp....ah yes...The past year and a half of planning ran it's full course, ending with our Stake Camp wrap up this past Wednesday. People ask me if I'm glad it's over? Amazingly enough, it is very bittersweet for me. Despite the anxiety, stress, long hours, uncountable meetings, and the mere fact that I DON'T CAMP....I would not change a thing. It was all completely, and totally worth it! I saw the hand of the Lord work in each and every aspect of Camp. I saw the hand of the Lord work in the lives of 200 young women, and 60-70 leaders. I saw weaknesses become strengths. Whether it was traveling across a thin wire 30 feet in the air; or being led blindly and not knowing if you could hold onto the "iron rod;" or going on the 4th year overnight hike with a back-pack that weighed more than you; or wondering if you really had a testimony of the gospel only to suddenly bear yours beside the campfire on the last evening?

With each time I thought "I cannot do this!" the Lord showed me the way. With each time I thought "No....I really cannot do this!" the Lord, again, showed me the way. On the last evening of Camp, as I sat looking out at our Stake, I felt the impact of how our Father in Heaven allows you to see your weaknesses, but that those weaknesses are merely strengths you don't know you have!

In July my husband started a new job. For the 10 months prior, my husband's former company had not been able to pay him due to the economy/market. This was hard. This was definitely a weakness for us! But again, we saw the hand of the Lord in our lives. We had freelance opportunities pop up at the oddest and most convenient times; we had family who left us "gifts" of groceries and other items; and throughout the entire time, we felt a calm sense of peace. We understood what is really important to us is not those material things, but the fact that we have our family, and those covenants and truths that will bring us the wealth and joy in the eternities that truly matters. We found that we (I) did have a strength in keeping to a rigorous budget!

This was also the summer that I came to terms with my body. I did not want to be a slave to it any longer. It was time to take control. I was no longer going to continue to look at my physical appearance as a weakness. So...I starting making my body a strength. I started by re-evaluating my diet. I stopped eating those things that aren't healthy for you (imagine that!) and looked at portion size (imagine that!) I started running again, 3 then 5 miles 5x a week (imagine that!) and by doing so, have lost 20 pounds!! This past week I was able to buy SINGLE DIGIT jeans!! This took A LOT of hard work...and anyone who tells you there is an "easy" way, is LYING!! I have some health issues that are never going away, but just knowing that if you truly want something, there is always a way. It may not be easy, or convenient, but it is possible.

My remaining weakness (okay---one among MANY!) is that I still have not ridden on "The Samuri" at Lagoon. I have no fear when it comes to roller-coasters, dropping suddenly or shooting upwards rides, but those spinning rides?! I can plan a camp for 300 people, but I can't seem to endure a "spinning" ride for 90 seconds?! Perhaps some weaknesses are just meant to keep you humble...? (Or at least from puking in front of your kids!)