The drive home

I LOVE ABBA...They remind me of my childhood...My first true "album" was ABBA...The songs are inspiring...They make you want to dance...and I can actually harmonize with them!! I have the "Mamma Mia" Soundtrack in my car, and I must play it quite a bit...Especially when my 6 year old says, "Play the song I like!" (which would be "Gimme Gimme Gimme"--yes--"a man after midnight!") and proceeds to sing ALL THE LYRICS to the song!! Not only those lyrics, but the lyrics to "Mamma Mia," as well as, "Lay All Your Love on Me!"

All I need  now, are the outfits, and a large disco ball....


It all ends at 7:30pm

The best thing we've got going? Our new curfew, with new rules...

At 7:30pm, all persons under the age of 13 must be in their pajamas, teeth brushed, faces washed/baths, and in their rooms. The said persons can then read, do extra homework, draw, read scriptures, play with toys, go to sleep (ha ha) or write letters...As long as it's not a video game, movie, loud, abrasive or catalystic in nature. The longest they are allowed to do this is until 8:30pm, after which, it is lights out.      

I don't know why this has clicked so nicely with my kids...although it took a good week of "breaking in" with my 6 year old...Perhaps because of all the options they have? Because they get to "cheat" bedtime a little longer? All I know is  it has been my favorite part of the day! I can get all those loose ends tied up that I couldn't do during the day. And it is (for the most part) quiet!!  

On most days...it makes me happy that there is an "end" in sight!!


My life in one phrase....

Don't you hate it when you are sick....and your kids are sick....and after a few days of being really sick you decide to go to the doctor for some help (antibiotics!)...and you go to the office...pay your co-pay....see the doctor....and then...leave with no help (antibiotics!) because it's "viral?"....So you just paid $50 to go sit in an exam room, list off your woes, and get a pat on the back?

This is my life...

I am usually a fairly positive person. A person who enjoys making that lemonade out of lemons....But not lately. I am angry. I am tired of paying that "$50" or whatever it may be, over and over, just to see myself no further along than before. Let's face it...I could never be a "Job"... I am very human, and I am a very tired, discouraged, and emotionally drained human! My catch-phrase daily is "are you kidding me?!"  As I write this, I realize how pathetic I sound. I realize all that I have to be grateful for. I realize that sometimes you just have to pay that damn $50, even and especially when you feel it's for nothing.

But very rarely, does it ever turn out to be nothing. Most often, it turns out to be the best thing that could have ever happened for you, for family, or for your situation. It's just seeing and believing in that, even when all those "lemons" begin piling up around you, and you are so sick of drinking that lemonade!

My life in one phrase? It can only get better? Right?!