Forget an Apple a Day!

This is my new treat to myself...On those days when you just need that little extra (every day!!!)...

CACAO RESERVE by Hershey's

And get this...it's actually GOOD for you!! (Dark chocolate is good for antioxidants, zero trans fat, low sugar content, and 3 grams of protein per serving...)

So forget the apple...THIS is much more fun!!

If people can drink wine and smoke pot for medicinal purposes...then chocolate is DEFINITELY okay!!


A Long Time Coming...

It has been MANY years, and a few catastrophies later, that I can utter the words I am going to share with you now...

"I am in a good place, and I feel joy."

I am indeed, blessed beyond belief. It has just been the past few days that I have this innate sense of happiness...Of being able to see ALL the details in their glory. The fact that I can get out of bed, without any darkness enfolding me...The way my children make me feel...The fact that I have started running again...The beauty of the changing seasons, letting me know that spring and summer are on their way...The excitement of a pending move, a new beginning, and a new home...The excitement of seeing that "dream" home begin it's early development...The joy I shared with a friend who FINALLY had her baby girl, after 5 boys...The way I feel when I think of my Savior...The joy I feel in laughter...The happiness a Sonic, Diet-Chocolate-Coke brings me...The love I feel when I catch my husband looking at me...The richness of good conversations with friends...How my toes sparkle after a pedicure...The fresh smell of cut grass...


"There must needs be opposition in all things..." I can give firm testimony of opposition...There have been times in my life, and trials in my life, that I NEVER imagined I would actually have to deal with... Things so heartbreaking, so repulsive, so controlling, so wrong, that until you experience them, you cannot even fathom them. I would often pray to God that He would PLEASE stop giving me trials, and give me "a little joy!" That I was not up for such challenges, and needed peace, and quietude...

"There must needs be opposition in all things..."

I am joyful today, because of the life I have lived. I am joyful, for the life I have yet to live. I am joyful for opposition, because joy remedies the heart and soul.

I know that this "utopia" will perhaps fade...That there are other trials and struggles a head...But I needed to take note...to testify in writing to myself...That joy always finds a way...Perhaps not in our perfect time, or way...But eventually...returns and makes us whole.


Sir Mixalot - Baby Got Back (I like big butts)

My son's theme song...

Today's conversation went like this:

S: "You have a big butt, mom"
Me: "You shouldn't say that...You need to tell me how much you LOOOVE me..."
S: (pensive look)
S: "You have a big butt..."


I Am a Green Bunny

Apparently I've made it big...I just found out that I have my own trademark...I am a green bunny...

Since I AM so popular, you can get a little piece of me in a variety of ways..Let me show you...

Coming soon (if I can get youtube to work on my system...) Hoops and YOYO "April in Paris"
Au revoir!!


Sunday Lesson #15...Illustration by Ella...

Today I taught about the Good Samaritan. While I was researching for the lesson, I came across an article written about the deeper symbolism in the story, and wanted to share it. My cute daughter drew a picture of the scene to help with my lesson...

The Good Samaritan:
Forgotten Symbols

Notes from lecture by John W. Welch at Danville Stake Center, Danville, California, March 5, 1999. Brother Welch is the founder of F.A.R.M.S, and the discover of chiasmus in the Book of Mormon.

The Good Samaritan (Luke 10: 25-37)

Brother Welch began by asking "Where in the New Testament does Christ ever teach the plan of salvation?" Good question. He then answered that question. He showed a picture of Chartes, the cathedral in France, and of a stained glass window found there. He explained that stained glass windows were to be "read" as stories, teachings. This particular window had the story of the Good Samaritan, told in a series of ascending panels. Then just above this was the story of the fall of Adam, and the crucifixion of Christ.

This fascinated him. Then he found two other stained glass windows in cathedrals in France that did the same thing. Only on these two, the story of the Good Samaritan was told in a series of descending pictures, each in a circle. To the side of each of the pictures and surrounding each were a series of four pictures, each having to do with the fall of Adam, the law of Moses, the crucifixion and resurrection of the Savior. He wondered why these would be portrayed side by side in this way. Then he began to study the writings of the early Church Fathers and discovered that they believed the parable of the Good Samaritan was given to teach about the fall of Adam and the redemption by Christ. He wondered just how this could be. Then he read in one of the earliest Church Fathers, Origen, that he had it from the "elders," those who personally knew Christ, that in this parable the man "who went down" was Adam - and by extension, we know as members of the Church, all mankind. The man left Jerusalem, which signified Heaven - the Holy City. Jericho was the world. The robbers were Satan and other evil persons and influences. The Priest and Levite represented the Law and the Prophets, and the Samaritan - Christ. The beast on which the injured man was carried was said to be the body of Christ. The Inn to which he was taken was the Church and the innkeeper the head of the Church. The two coins he gave were dinari (sp?).

The interpretation was this - a certain man (Adam) (and all mankind) "went down" from Heaven (Jerusalem) to earth (Jericho) and "fell" because of the temptations which beset him. The robbers (Satan, the temptations of the world) stripped him of his garments and left him half-dead. Brother Welch said they stripped him of the garment of immortality, leaving him in a "half-dead" (meaning spiritual death but not yet mortal death) state. The Priest and Levite come by but do not help. He pointed out that in the pictures, and in some early writings, the Priest and Levite are not so much deliberately ignoring him as unknowing and helpless- they do not know what to do, and seem incapable or really doing anything. They hold the Aaronic priesthood, which is not able to save him.

Then the Samaritan comes. This represents Jesus. Why Jesus a Samaritan? The Samaritans were hated and despised. Jesus was hated and despised and rejected. In John 8:48, the Jews said they called Jesus a Samaritan. The Samaritan comes from "another world" as far as the Jews are concerned. The Samaritan binds up the man's (Adam - mankind) wounds and pours on oil (anoints) and washes with wine (blood). He puts the wounded man on a beast (body of Christ according to early Church Fathers- remember the membership of the Church is sometimes referred to as the body of Christ). He is borne to the Inn (Church) and welcomed by the innkeeper (Church leader).

The Samaritan says he must go away for a while and gives 2 dinari (sp?) (2 days wages) to the innkeeper. This is enough to care for the man for two days. He apparently will return on the third day. 2 dinari (sp?) also equals ½ shekel, the amount of the temple tax, which means the debt owed to the temple for the man is now paid. His debts have been squared.

He tells the innkeeper "I will come again." Christ will come again. And whatever else is owed to redeem the man, He will pay. Remember that this dialogue started with the lawyer asking the Savior, "What shall I do to inherit eternal life?" So, while the Savior answers the following question about who is neighbor to the man, he is also answering the first question asked, and explaining that eternal life is given by Him who has the authority and the love of mankind to care for those that have fallen and to make them whole. Those in the Church are to help in this undertaking. And as he ends, he says "Go and do likewise" (Go and become Christ-like.)

Symbols from the Parable of the Good Samaritan:
the Good Samarian--Jesus Christ
Viction--Man wounded with sin
Priest--Law of Moses
Beast--Christ's body
Manager of the Inn--Head of the Church

I am so grateful for the many times in my life, when I have been weak and weary, physically or spirtually beaten, that my Savior has been there to assist me, to bind up my wounds, and to carry me to safety and shelter...I hope we can all be someone's Good Samaritan, just as Christ is to us...


Thank you, Chronicler

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world."
-- Marianne Williamson

I saw this on Chronicler's blog (now on my "destinations...) and had to have it on mine...

Have a glorious day!


For Sale...


...Living Room


...Family Room

Any offers?!


"These are a few of my Favorite things..."

Forget "raindrops on roses" and "whiskers on kittens..." (although a "bright copper kettle" would look really cool as an accent piece...)

We are in the process of finalizing our home to be put up for sale, on Easter weekend!! Yeah!! This would not of been possible without my new "Favorite things..."

1) POD storage...They bring it...You load it (and take as long as you like)...They pick it up...They store it...They bring it to you, at your final destination! This is where we put all of the things we will bring to the new house, that I won't have to deal with during our rental months... I almost cried when they dropped it off!! It was indeed, a thing of beauty!!

2) Lawn and Leaf, extra large, garbage bags...You don't TRULY realize how much you have in your home that you REALLY don't need, until you are moving...I was tempted to just put up the sign and have it say, "For Sale--As Is---Keep it ALL!"

3) A new kitchen countertop--OOOOOO!!!--- a beautiful, new, stainless-steel sink with the cool "pull-out" faucet in stainless steel with soap dispenser, and a bright new oven...Everything is all clean, smooth, and pretty!

4) Brother Ventura...The man responsible for supervising my husband putting in the new countertop and sink!! LOVE him!!

5) New oven-unit trays, and covers...It makes my eyes water with excitement!

6) Clorox, Disinfecting Kitchen Cleaner, in "crisp citrus." This stuff is GREAT!! It cleans really well, and leaves a nice scent.

7) CRL. This is the ONLY thing that got EVERYTHING clean in our tub and shower...SPARKLING!!

8) The look and smell of freshly cleaned carpets, where you cannot tell where the "high traffic areas" use to be!

9) The "CLEANSED" feeling you have, when you have only your essentials left to take care of..."Simplification" is definitely the way to go! You just feel, lighter!

10) The anticipation of putting up the "For Sale by Owner" sign...I'm giddy already!!

We've been in our home for 10 years, and we've simply out-grown it. It holds alot of memories, and has showcased many "styles." I hope some cute family will see our wonderful home, on its 1/2 acre of enjoyment, and jump at the chance to begin their memories in this home, as we will begin new memories in our new home (with some "limbo" memories of renting!)

Anyone for a chorus of "Edelweiss?!"