What is Balance?

What is balance? Apparently, I don't have it...and I'm not talking about the ability to walk a tight-rope! (Although lately I feel that is exactly what I'm trying to do!) I mean balancing your life so it is harmonious with all you want to "stuff" into it.

With Stake Trek, work, 5000moms, the Utah Shrink-a-thon, mommy duties, hubby, and taking on the Ragnar training for my run in June, I feel like I am "hit or miss" on many items on my plate. Even though I feel that are all worthwhile, I still feel unbalanced, and messy.

So my friend wrote an article on "Quiet Time" a while ago. I read it back then and thought, " Great idea!" Did I do it? Nope. Do I need to do it? Yup. Yup. Yup! (You can read her article here) I think a lot of this "unbalance" stems from the loss I feel of my brother...I think I'm trying to stay so immensely busy, that I don't have time to think about it?

So, I'm going to try and dedicate my runs to being my "Quiet Time," as I try and find the balance to all those things I need/want to do. I need to prioritize, which I believe is my problem, in that I think of many things as equally important?! If I start with my own soul, then it should speak to me as to the order in which I put things....?