Old Times!

My DEAR friend Kim and I hooked up today...SO MUCH FUN!!! I really miss the talks we'd have on our front porches together...the callings we had together (the red koolaid in our hair, the sumo costumes we put on!)...the gossip we shared togeher?..So here we are....Admire the beauty! It was a lovely afternoon, even though our children were mad that we didn't make it to the pool!? I LOVE YOU, KIM!!


I'm Hoarse cuz I'm a ROCKSTAR!!

Today was my husband's birthday...We bought him "Rock Band" for the Wii...I finally know what I'm destined to be...A ROCKSTAR!! With a 97% on the expert level, I need to venture out with my "band" in tow...my sister laying into the drums, my brother-in-law wailing on the guitar, and my sexy rocker-chick-voice ala Ann Wilson from "Heart" booming through a sold-out show...

Get your lighters ready...

Oh--My dear friend Kim is visiting me tomorrow while she is on vacation here in the beehive state...I wonder if she will recognize me, in all my splendor and illustriousness...?


Tao Project

We had an AMAZING speaker at our Stake Youth Conference...His name is Brother Layne Pace, and he is an Apache Helicopter pilot for the US Army...He told us of his mission of setting up orphanages in the remote areas of Afghanistan, and the stories behind several of the children and families he has been able to help...After sharing his vision with the current Miss Utah, she made it her platform project...We are currently trying to set-up a Stake Youth Service Project where we will be collecting clothing and toys for these beautiful children he serves...It will bring tears to your eyes, and warm your hearts...

TAO PROJECT (http://taoproject.org/main.html)


Christmas in July!

My mom has been fighting breast cancer for the past year...Nasty chem0, radiation, depression, three wigs, no eye-lashes...She has been amazing! We knew we would be getting together for the fourth, so my sister and I planned a surprise for her--Christmas in July--since this past Christmas she was so sick...

I should have pictures soon...but until then...picture this: We used quilting filler for snow on the front porch, put up all the trees and Christmas lights, paved the way with red wrapping paper, and had all the grand-kids sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" as she walked up the stairs...It was AWESOME!! We ate Christmas-shaped-sugar-cookies, and gave her Christmas presents...It truly felt like Christmas (except when you stepped outside and it was 90 degrees!!)

Pictures coming soon!


Post Youth Conference Identity Crisis...

I decided I needed to change things up a little...Thanks to my marvelously talented niece, I now have long, lovely locks...I can't wait to freak people out at church on Sunday : )

Today is my first official "Ponytail Day!!!"