August 20th 1991-August 20th 2006

Yesterday marked 15 years of marriage...We went and did sealings at the temple on Thursday, followed by a fun trip to Park City on Friday, which included a facial that my husband surprised me with, followed by a lunch of some of the best sushi I have ever tasted!! It was MARVELOUS!!

Now...you might think that this sounds like we don't have a care in the world...that each year we do something similar, and that life continues on as each year adds to another...


One thing I HAVE learned from my 15 years is that marriage is HARD WORK...but all the sweat, tears, trials, struggles, disagreements, compromises, and tribulations that make you wonder what more you could possibly go through?...It is in that "refiner's fire" that creates a more beautiful, more endearing, more loving, more committed, more gratifying, and more UNITED bond than you could ever imagine.

One of my favorite stories is this: "The Story of Weibertreu Castle"

The city of Weinsberg, Germany, a free imperial/feudal city found itself caught in a battle between Wolf, Count of Bavaria (of whom they were loyal supporters) and the combined forces of Frederick, Duke of Swabia and his brother, the Emporer Konrad III.

The Weinsberg Castle was under siege. Those inside the castle were very strong, and able to resist the advances of the Emporer's forces. (At this time in German history, entire communities would live within the walls of the various castles). When the attackers realized they could not overpower the Weinsbergers, the soilders decided to wait until the city had used up all their supplies, as much of the city's cattle, other animals and farm land would be kept in areas outside the castle wall. Eventually, everything within the city walls was gone, and the inhabitants had no choice but to surrender.

When they surrendered, the women sent a message to the Emperor Konrad, asking him to arrange for safe conduct for all the women and children of the castle. (This would not have been unusual knight protocol--women and children were generally treated with mercy. The men, however, would be put to death). In addition, the women requested he promise they could keep for their families as many of their valuables as they could carry with them.

At the hour appointed when all the women and children could leave, the gates opened, and the women staggered out with their men on their backs. This meant they could not carry anything else, and so had made the choice to leave everything else behind. When the Emporer witnessed the women, their backs bent under the burden they bore, he began to weep. He was so touched by this display of love and loyalty that he promised the women that their men could go free. Not one man lost his life that day.

(Since that day, people have called that place "Weibertreue" Castle, or the castle of "women's fidelity.")

In a marriage, there are times when we, indeed, carry our husbands/wives on our backs as struggles and issues arise...It is in those moments of sacrifice, that we create a stronger bond of love for those whom we carry...For isn't your spouse your most valuable treasure?

August 20th 1991-August 20th 2006...and to all the years to come!


Making me Smile!

Hee hee...Gotta love it!


Are you talking to me?!

I'm not THAT old (people guess my age as 5-10 years younger than I actually am)...I'm fairly nice-looking...I'm stylish...I can hold my own against the "younger generation"...So why do I CRINGE each and every time the following phrases are being addressed, to ME!?
"Can I help you Ma'am?"

"Have a nice day, Ma'am."

"Thanks, Ma'am."

I do not want to be (as the dictionary defines)
"n : a woman of refinement..."

I never thought I'd be out of the "Miss-es" and becoming a "Ma'am..."



My new favorite quote...

"I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship.
I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings.
My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you.
Let us work together for unity and love."
- Mahatma Gandhi