Lisa's Letter "S"

Some of my favorite "S" words
(my deliquent post to Lisa :) )

1) SHOES (duh!) Stilletos, slip-ons, sling-backs,sneakers, sandals,strappies,stacked-heel,slippers (smile)
2) Strength: This is not necessarily physcical strength, but moral, emotional, or integral. Who is truly stronger--A finely tuned athelete/weight-lifter, or a Halocaust/Rwanda survivor? Those who bike in marathons, or the Pioneers who trecked across the country? The person who gives the "acceptable" answer, or the one who gives the "morally" right one?
3) Stewardship: I love the many facets of this word. Some things in life we are given automatic and unquestioning stewardship of (children, family, callings, humanity, etc). Other things we choose to have stewardship of (actions, choices, testimony, humanity).
4) Siblings: I am oldest of three girls and one boy...and I am fiercely loyal and protective of them! If someone attacks/hurts/deceives/loses a kidney,...BEWARE!
5) Sleeping! This is self-explainatory if you are a mom, have night-time anxiety, or have a nice pillow-top mattress! (All of the above apply to me!)
6) Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume: I don't know about her SITC show, but her perfume is delicate, simple, and sublime. It's my new "signature scent."
7) Sphinx: One of my FAVORITE topics/art/study is that of Egyptian and Mesopotamian art. The culture, history, myth, art, and archeological manifestations are fascinating to me! I always tell people my idea of a dream vacation would be to go on an archeological dig in Egypt!
8) Sarcasm: I have learned to deal with certain aspects of life in a non-confrontational way (SO against my natural "brutally honest" approach)...This is the closest thing I have found to somewhat accomplish that. I love sarcastic humor, as well.
9) Silence: Sometimes, the silence can give you calm, answers, rejuvenation, strength, love, appreciation, reflection...Have you ever notice that those you can share silence with, are those you feel most comfortable/safe with?
10) Smiles: What a subtle, small gesture that can evoke so many emotions and meanings: joy, understanding, condolences, betrayal, happiness, secrets, pride, gratitude, sincerety (or lack of)...What one gesture can lift you from despair? I love the power of smiles between strangers... when that is all you know of someone.
Bonus) The "sun" shinning on my shoulder!


Sunday Spirit

Today was my Sunday to teach in Gospel Doctrine. The discussion was on Ruth and Hannah in the Old Testament. I had worried that my lesson may fall a little short of the time allotted, so I asked a few people to share with the class a personal experience that could be liken to that of Ruth or Hannah...Little did I know how the spirit would unconsciously guide me in choosing these people...

One brother shared how his mother cared for her alcoholic mother...Another of how his father-in-law had been stricken with cancer, but continued to have more concern with those around him, than in his worsening condition.

The two people I asked to speak about Hannah really bore testimony of how the spirit can guide you, even when you are unaware of its doing so. I had these two names come to mind, and now I know why they did...

The brother shared how his "dear, sweet, wife" had been told early in their marriage that she would not be able to have children...He smiled...Then said that through priesthood blessings, they were able to have five children, and now have five grand-children...I stood trying to stay composed (I'm a crier)...I had no idea of this background as I had extended the brother his assignment to speak of Hannah. I now know why he had said, "What a beautiful story," after I had asked him.

The sister I had share her thoughts about Hannah, I had forgotten had lost a son at the young age of 14, to a brain tumor. She told how her own mother had always taught her that "children are not 'their parents' or 'their own'," in that we simply have stewardship over them, to raise and guide them back to our Heavenly Father (just as Hannah gave her son to God...) This sister shared how when her son was born, that in a priesthood blessing, he was described as a "child of promise." She spoke of not knowing what "promise" he had kept, but in knowing that he was perhaps doing it for her? his siblings? their family? I again was desparetely trying to keep my composure, as I listened to her sweet testimony of giving ALL to our Heavenly Father, for righteousness' sake.

I marvel how the spirit guided me to these individuals, and allowed the spirit to burn within the hearts of those in the classroom. I am so grateful for the lessons we learn in the bible, as well as the testimonies of others that bear witness of their truths.

"Ye cannot behold with your natural eyes, for the present time, the design of your God concerning those things which shall come here-after, and the glory which shall follow after much tribulation." (D&C 58:3)

Since I'm going to be listing some favorite "S" words for Lisa, I thought I would preclude a special one...That being the word "spirit," for that is truly what I felt today.


Tag #1...Weird things for Lammy Ann

Sorry it has taken me SO LONG to get back to my initial tagging! Here are six weird things about me:

1) I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue...Go ahead...try it!! ( I know you are!!)

2) I refuse to fly on Delta airlines because they "lost" a kidney intended for my brother (long story). When we went to Disneyland last year with my husband's company, they had initially gotten tickets on Delta...I refused to go...No...REALLY...I was not planning on going...Luckily, in the end, they ended up changing airlines for other reasons. (Does this mean I hold grudges? Or am I just extremely loyal?)

3) I cannot eat raw meat...it must be cooked all the way through...BUT (how ironic) I LOVE sushi!!

4) Except for when I'm sleeping, I MUST have a pair of earrings in...This is even when running, swimming, at the gym, doing housework, etc. I just don't like how the holes on my ears look "sans" earrings...

5) To this day, I cannot smell the Victoria Secret's "Cucumber Melon" lotion without getting nauseated...When it first came out (circa 1995), I LOVED it...then I got pregnant...GAVE AWAY all my lotion, and couldn't stand by or be in the same room with anyone wearing it (which made staff meetings VERY excrutiating...). This just adds to my list of why I don't go into that particular store...

6) I love the following shows..."Miami Ink," "Hart and Huntington," and "Dog the Bounty Hunter." I can only figure this is because in another life, I was/would be a hard-core rock star, who could kick some "booty..." (I'll let you guess if I have a tattoo...) When my sister and her husband went to Hawaii, I made her promise me to go to "Da Kine Bonds" and stalk Dog & Company....She didn't get a chance to see them, but did take a picture of the outside of their office!

LOL...If the "weirdness" only ended here!!


Coming Soon to a Blog Near You...

Tag #1 "Six Weird Things for Lammy Ann"
Tag #2 "The Letter S is for Lisa"

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You...MINE!


"Da Truth"

Okay..I've seen the movie...Here are my thoughts...

1) Overall grade: B-/C+
I'm really picky about movies, and although it was a good movie, pretty much followed the book, and had good character assignment, I felt that the book just didn't translate into a very good film. My husband who did not read the book, gave it a B+.

2) I really don't see what all the fuming is about. This is a fictional story, which made a great book, and caused many to think about the possibilities and "what if's" about Jesus. I have many friends who are upset that Christ is portrayed as being married, and having kids. This is interesting to me, because wasn't Jesus suppose to come and "show us by example" on how we should mirror our own lives? So to me, the part of Jesus being married and having children is not so controversial. I believe that he was married (probably to Mary M.), and did have children. Why would'nt he?

3) The interesting debate for me is how the movie raises the question of, "Was Jesus truly a divine being, or just a mortal man who did wonderful things, who developed a following, which evolved into Christianity?" Because of my own beliefs, I know that Jesus was the very/literal son of our Heavenly Father, and that during the time He was mortal, He did do many miraculous things (many of which cannot be explained logically). But the most evident and effectual thing He did was divine in nature, though He endured it while in the flesh...the Atonement.

I have a degree in Art History, as well as a testimony of the Gospel, and I have found it interesting on how the two can illuminate each other, or be found at polar opposites to each other. I believe that truth can be found in many ways, things, experiences, and philosophies. But sometimes, even many times, we need to rely on the faith of our own divinity within, which sometimes cannot be proved or refuted.


Tickets to a good "Da-bate"

I just bought my tickets to see the "Davinci Code" for Friday afternoon. This is a great topic for me in many ways. #1 The obvious...the topic of Jesus #2 I have a BA in Humanities and Art History, and love the discussion of all the artwork, architecture, history, and philosophy in the book #3 ANYTHING controversial is what I like to discuss!

We are in the process of turning my dear husband's office into a room for our oldest son, for his birthday. (He has been sharing a room with his 3 year old brother, and the seven year difference is just too much to ask of him!!) So, we got my husband this really cool, new, Mac computer with a flat-screen (he's a graphic designer/marketing VP/advertising GENIUS!) that we will put in the family room, and then "transform" his office into a small nook for our son. My husband made us a really cool, rustic desk out of some old fence slats we had stored in our shed. It turned out amazing! Our son knows nothing of the "plans," so it should be a really fun surprise! ANYWAYS...the computer may be interrupted the next few days, so I just wanted to get my "digs" into my next topic, so everyone can be ready (yeah--all five of you who read my blog,,,LOL) for some fun discussion!


Excuses, Excuses...I Need a Tissue

Last night my three-year-old came into my room (for about the 5th time...) and told me he couldn't go to bed...The reason? "Mom...there are boogers in my nose..."

I've heard of a glass of water, monsters, too hot, "someone" is bugging me, too light, too dark, my night-light is burnt out, my music is not playing, I heard you and dad talking,..etc, etc. but I have NEVER heard of the "boogers in the nose." What is the best excuse you've heard for not going to sleep?


Disney Sluts

Well...I am back from our trip! It was so much fun, and it was wonderful that I got to spend some one-on-one time with my two oldest kids (A shout-out of "thanks" to my in-laws, who stayed with our youngest...although I KNOW it added an additional 20 years to their age!! My mother-in-law's constant comment was, "He's just so...ACTIVE...He's just so VERY active!")

Disneyland is indeed a mystical and fantastic experience. I had not EVER been until last year (yup--a true Disney "virgin!" Suzie--if you have not yet been, I want you to cross your finish line at your marathon and yell "I'm going to Disneyland!!" Maybe we can all take up a collection...) Well, there are many unique traits and characteristics that make up this magical theme park, but there is one that stands out in particular...EVERYONE at Disneyland are SLUTS.

What?! Who?! Blasphemy!? No...I say this with all the love, respect, and awe I have in my heart...For you see, all the employees of Disneyland NEVER say "NO." I found this out in many ways. When my daugher was stalking Goofy for his autograph, instead of telling her "NO, you cannot have Goofy's autograph right now," the employee who was escorting Goofy simply said, "Goofy will be taking a short break, and will be returning in 10 minutes..." When my son wanted to ride in the front of the Indiana Jones ride, it was, "Please go to line number 1..," no questions asked. When Space Mountain was closed, it was never "NO, you cannot ride right now..." it was "We should be up and running as soon as possible!" I was beginning to think I could take advantage of their goodness...maybe get a foot massage for all the walking, or a back-rub while I waited in line?

Well, Disneyland certainly has a knack for keeping the magic alive...and when I say they are "sluts," it's in a good way!

Last year we left a "soiled" umbrella stroller in the parking lot of Disneyland...Let's just say my youngest son definitely left his "mark" last year...This year's winnng story is entitled:

"Our New Daddy"

It was lunch time and the kids and I were looking for a place to eat. We came upon a delightful french-like bakery/restuarant, where we (meaning "I"--I couldn't eat another hotdog/Mickey Mouse pretzel/french fries, etc...) decided to sit down and order. Now, for those of you who watch "Grey's Anatomy," our waiter looked just like the guy on the show who plays Alex Karev. Well, with his slight italian accent, he starts talking to me about how we are enjoying our stay and what we have been doing, etc. We order our meals, and then he basically sits down and talks to me like we have been friends for ages...Everything from taping "Prison Break, " to old-style cartoons (He-Man), to sights I should go see later (remind you, I'm sitting at this table with my two children...) Now here is the "clincher..."He tells me how kids are so lucky to live during this time with all the fun new games and gadgets around, with the exception of the old cartoons we used to watch (hence, He-Man and other favorites...) and says that in his twenty-some-odd years, that the best cartoons were done while we were in elementary school in the 80's? Now...I lived the 80's, but I was in Jr. High and High School!! Either I looked REALLY good in my green and black camo-gauchos, or he was just another "Disney Slut!" (I am choosing to believe that I was looking stunning that day...)

Well...I left flattered, and he left with a nice big tip! We met up with my husband for dinner that night, and I related to him what had happened, and how he was "so lucky" to be married to a woman "considerably" younger than himself! He then turned to the kids and said, "Did Mommy find you a new Daddy?!" to which my younger, naive, and totally unassuming son said, "Well...there was this waiter who talked with her for a long, long time..."

So here's to Disneyland! It's the magical kingdom where sluts make you feel young again!!

Shoes of the vacation...Black Reebok flip-flops to display my cute and newly painted bright coral toes!