My LIfe and Threes

This afternoon my grandfather passed away. The cowboy. The rugged wrangler. Such a combination of tough, bitter, sweet and a few "swears!" I will miss him and his presence, and my heart goes out to my mom, and grandmother.

What is it about me and threes? I had to stop having babies at three, I utilize groups of threes in my home decor, my wedding ring utilizes three center stones, three is the minimum number of things I am do at a time, I am planning on running in three races this year, I often eat three apples a day, I have three siblings, I have three people I tell most everything to...

I know there is symbolism in art and history and religion with threes. These are three of my favorite subjects, especially the threes in art. It is just strange how threes are so prevalently manifesting themselves in my life, most currently the deaths of my brother in law, brother, and now, grandfather.

Maybe I should have stuck with #1?


You're good enough....you're smart enough....and doggon-it people like you!

Will this help?
I am running in the Ragnar Relay Race this June!!! 187.9 miles run by a group of 6-12 people within 24 hours! I'm so excited I could throw up?!!
I think this will help me greatly with the death of my younger brother in October. He was an AVID runner/trailrunner/leave me in the dust athlete!
Unless you write down your goal, it's just a wish...right?!

("you're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggon-it people like you..." )


A New Favorite Destination....

"Hopefully Mormon"

My favorite so far? "Orrin Porter Rockwell...The guilty pleasure of my Mormon Faith"


The Walls have Ears...

With New Year resolutions happening, especially where body image is concerned, I thought this article was great at making sure we aren't sending a negative signal to our daughters...as well as ourselves...

"Mom, Am I Fat?"

Be careful how you address yourself...The walls have ears!


The incredible shrinking woman...it could be you!

This is what I've been up to....being interviewed (and finding out about this video/interview right before it happens!) Come and "shrink" with me....it's going to be INCREDIBLE!!

Utah Shrink-a-thon/ Daily Herald


Gwen Stefani to Colada Pie

I had a wonderful birthday! 29 for the 11th time was simply charming! It began with honeyed toast and clementine oranges in bed. This was followed by opening my gift---a new alarm clock with TWO alarms (for those of us who need to be "gently" awakened) AND a place for my iphone to charge, and SPEAKERS to play my songs on! RAD RAD RAD gift!

I then hastily left my family, and went with my sister to a wonderful lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, where I had this:
It is their "Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp" in a delightful, slightly spicy, curry and coconut dish. I had mine over just the veggies (no rice), as I was saving all my "carbs" for what REALLY mattered, which was this

Can you say "White Chocolate Raspberry?!"

Since we were so full (every part of my body felt bloated) we decided to go "burn" off the calories with a rigorous workout---SHOE SHOPPING!!

There is nothing more beautiful than the shoe department at Nordstroms...

And lucky for us, there were SALES!

As I perused the department, looking for "that" shoe that I didn't need, I saw the display...

This is what I saw:
Gwen Stefani...L.A.M.B...shiver...sigh...

I knew I shouldn't....I knew I should just walk away...I knew no good would come of it....

But I tried on a pair, anyway....

You would not believe the justifying that went on in my head...justifying a car payment for these shoes (that would go with ANY outfit short of pajamas!)

They felt like buddah on my feet...I could walk miles in them...and look OH SOOOO GOOD!!

I put them on hold.....and RAN!!! (Sorry to the cute salesman who probably thought I just paid for half of his commission check!)

BUT....I did buy:


After exhausting ourselves, and deciding that there are NO true knee length denim skirts for sale despite the fact that we are in Utah, we headed home (and don't say "Down East Outfitters," because if you are not short in stature, and have any height, these don't work unless you wear them on your hips!)

I got home to find a happy family that had been sledding. MIA were my husband, and daughter.

An hour later, they walked in...With a birthday cake signed with "Happy Birthday, #29??"
and a quart of MOCHA MUDSLIDE icecream!!
Many people say, "Oh, your must have SOME PARTY on your birthday?!" or "The world celebrates your birthday!" Don't even get me started on the psychological effects of being a child with a post-Christmas December birthday! And if the world was truly celebrating my birthday, wouldn't I get a lot more gifts?

Since 2009 was TOO eventful, I wanted calmness and stillness for my birthday evening. So we ended up watching "Minority Report" as a family (totally random). Nothing beats cuddling under quilts, a big screen tv, surround sound, and a movie!

Before the evening wind-down happened, my sister stopped by. In her hand was a pie plate. I knew what she had even before looking down at it. Colada Pie... This is no regular pie. This is a pie that takes time, meticulous efforts, and dedication to make. Cream, butter, sugar, banana, more dense cream, pecans, toasted coconut with chocolate (milk and dark) drizzled all over, on a thick and flaky pie crust. This was the pie I would request from my brother to make for me each year, in lieu of a birthday cake. I was holding the treat I looked forward to more than any gift each year, and the person who gave it was no longer here. "Dan would want you to have this" my sister said. We hugged and wept. Although I'm sure it tastes divine, I cannot bring myself to eat any...My brother's big, powerful, masculine hands, that could work magic with any culinary delights...now missing from the world...

I am truly eager for the new year! I look towards happiness, health, peace and prosperity. I am grateful for all that I have. I am grateful for everything from Gwen Stefani to Colada Pie...but especially all the stuff in between!!