What's 103 degrees, aches all over, has a head that will split from pain, yet is still able to kick out a pot-roast dinner for the family....

yeah...me...and about every other mom out there!!

I hate sick days!


Guess what I did today...?

I saw this at my appointment...

Guys have NO IDEA!!!!


"Mom... Smell my pit!"

There is nothing better than a boy who is excited to take a bath.... especially when it is coming from a boy with an immediate aversion to shampoo and other soap products! Even better? When it is a fabulous bubble-bath in mom and dad's huge "bubble tub!" He was so excited to tell me all the details of his fresh smelling hair, how the marker that use to decorate his fingers and hands is now gone, and of course, his "pit area" being newly doused with dad's deoderant!!

"Mom....Smell my pit!!" 

Not something you expect to hear everyday! But who can resist the bearer of the news?