No Longer a Woman

Today I handed in my July/August article...Summer Sandals....I did the photo shoot, and the entire layout...It looks really good...

This will be my last article for Wasatch Woman magazine...

I had one of those defining moments a couple of weeks ago. As I met with the editor, it was for the first time awkward....which it has NEVER been...The article topic had been changed, and some other surprise elements came into play...I did not think much of it at the time, but in hind-sight, I now see the subtlety...

The following Sunday, I got a bad case of strep, which allowed me to be home from church, with no husband or children around...It was in the quietude that I was able to ponder a little bit about my life, and everything that had happened, is happening, and will happen. When my family came home from church, my husband casually made the comment, "Things happen for a reason." I don't know why it struck me as it did, but I knew at that moment that it was time for me to move on from the magazine...There was no reason...Just the warmth of the peace I felt through my whole being.

I had the editor and publisher in tears, and I agreed I would love to finish with this article for them, in my own way, on my favorite subject...SHOES!

It has been an amazing journey, and I never would of thought I would be a magazine contributor, being able to talk about one of my favorite things...Fashion!

The picture above is a sneak peak to my article.....I love a good teaser!


A Stop Sign for Time

Every other night, my son and I go running....It has been amazing! He is turning 12 on the 21st...I cannot believe how the time has flown, or where it has gone?! My easiest baby, my laid-back child, my tender hearted boy, my son with the wise eyes...I cannot believe the boy who is running next to me, talking with me, laughing and joking with me, will be on a mission in seven years...I wish time would stop running so fast, so that I could run with my son like this, a little longer...


A Night with Obama

Thursday finally arrived...It was book club! Six of my favorite people get together every other month and discuss a book, eat delicious food, and enjoy fantastic conversation. It was no exception last night...We had heated/but kind dialog about the book, politics, candidates, and policies...SO INVIGORATING!! I love that everyone comes from a different view-point, and was articulate and passionate about their stance. I love even more that no one goes away with hurt feelings, because we are THAT comfortable with each other, and can be ourselves with each other.

I feel like this election is a critical...eventful...rebirth or possible catalyst, which may determine so many important things...(sorry so vague!) But I have been curiously drawn into this arena, and I am enjoying the allure I have felt to find out all that I can, about as much as I can. I think things need to change, and I am certainly going to make sure I am going to support and uphold those things in my mind that I feel are worthy and represent my feelings about the world in which I/we live...and I think it can, and needs, to be better and more indicative of the kind of nation we profess to be.

And I love that I can share with my friends at book club...and the five of you who faithfully read my blog...and know that you will still call me friend, when all is said and done.