Red Devil and other Random thoughts

It's quiet...All the kids are at school...I have a two hour window before the youngest is home from preschool...I'm in a new comfy sweater, sitting on my chaise in my bedroom...just breathing (and typing!)

I've been asked to speak in church on Sunday about Thanksgiving...

I had a wonderful night at book club...We read "A Wrinkle in Time." I remember it from my youth, but never read it. What a wonderful surprise it turned out to be! It spoke of agency, evil, weak things becoming strong, and love.

My mom had her second chemo treatment on Tuesday. It is nicknamed, "Red Devil," in lieu of its color...

I have been running in the evenings...What solitude I have found! The cold, crisp air...the still of the area...the beat of my feet hitting the ground...It is medicine for my soul...A time to gather thoughts and feelings...or pray...

I cut 9 inches off my hair!! We had taken new family pictures, with my long hair all precisely done...I now have a refreshing, chin length bob/stack a la Jenny McCarthy meets a longer Victoria Beckham...I really LOVE it!!

I cannot believe it is holiday time already...It seems like we were just getting costumes ready!! I need to get a TALL tree for my family room...I'm talking a 15-18 foot tree...pre-lighted (I HATE hanging lights)

I'm ready to be over my cold!! (Yeah--just in time for my talk on Sunday--LOL)

Ahhhh...still quiet!