I Believe

I was watching TV this morning, and was alarmed when a guest on a show was telling all the reasons why she was an atheist (yes,
everyone can believe as they choose...and I choose to express how I feel) She said that "Why would a God give someone cancer?" and "People choose to believe in God to give them a sense of comfort, but outside of that, it is just a coping mechanism."

As her list went on, and on, I thought to myself, "how sad." She is missing the beauty that comes from trials, from falling, from living, from giving back to Our Father who gave us EVERYTHING from this earth, from our talents, from our abilities, and from the greatest gift of all...the gift of His Son...which allowed for the Atonement, that our brother, Christ, gave us.

This holiday I wish to exclaim, "I Believe!! I believe in a Heavenly Father who loves us...who gives us trials for our growth and experience...I believe in my Savior...who will allow me to stand before my Father, and return to Him, because of the atonement He offered for me."

"I Believe in Christ, He is my King! With all my heart to Him I'll sing; I'll raise my voice in praise and joy, In grand amens my tongue employ. I Believe in Christ; He is God's Son. On earth to dwell His soul did come. He healed the sick; the dead He raised. Good works were His; His name be praised."