If you were not able to attend/watch the General Young Womens Conference....PLEASE take the time to listen to it...It is simply WONDERFUL! The Young Women Presidency were inspiring and fun to listen to, and dear President Eyring...I wept at his eloquent and beautiful words addressed to the young women of the church.

You'll be sorry if you don't...Click here to listen


The Many Facets of Butter

I just got back from my first MASSAGE from my membership...I feel like a soft cube of melted butter, all smooth and creamy...

Tonight I have one of four meetings this week for the Stake. We are really down to the wire in planning Youth Conference, and the heat is on! (I feel like crackling, sizzling butter in this case) These meetings tend to last until at least 11-12 at night...Good times, good times!!

I have my meetings, my article for the magazine to write (take a deep breath ladies--it's on SWIM WEAR!!), General Young Womens Conference (we got tickets for our Stake to go see this at the Conference Center!! YEAH!!), a new charter school meeting, a talk to prepare for Sunday, about 20 million loads of laundry, one sick child, one golfing "MIA" husband, and my daughter's b-day to plan...leaving me feeling like "burned butter" at the thought of all this!

BUT(ter!)....I got my new rug in my library (thanks hubby--this must of been some sort of pay-off for all the golfing being done?) which puts a smile on my face...

So...the world keeps "chur-ning," and you never know where you'll be "spread..."

(Can you tell I haven't had lunch yet?)


Staying on Budget...

Since paying off all our debt, I've been trying really hard to stay on a budget...and it's been going okay...Until I saw this...I want it...I NEED it to be in my library...

Do you know how many times I have had it in the shopping cart to check out? Do you ever do that? Just load up your shopping cart like you have all the money in the world? Then, when the "high" wears off, (or you see the total at the bottom) you simply delete...no harm done?!

The sad thing is, the price is really good...So I have the inner battle of "you are saving SO MUCH MONEY/You are getting a GREAT deal" verses "Wait...If you are meant to have it, it will be there in 2 weeks..." I'm having everyone over for Easter Lunch that Sunday...so I WANT to have it by then...All pretty and perfect...

So I continue to "pretend shop," over and over, and see if my luck will hold out! (I hate being on budget...)


How fast are YOU?! Timeless Talents Part II

Thanks to Kim who sent me this link...

71 words

Speed test

You KNOW I will keep changing it, as I get a better score...But this was my first try!