Full Circle

Ten years ago, I was put into the Young Women organization of my Provo ward. I served there as 1st Counselor, and later, President for a space of 4 years. What a marvelous space of time!! I had the BEST young women!! Each one with different views, talents, laughs, strengths, trials and dispositions. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I was personally blessed on so many levels by these amazing young women.

Now.....ten years later....we are reuniting! At the end of the month, we are having a "Laurel Reunion!" Some are working, traveling, going to school, mommies, becoming 1st time mommies, wives, aunts...basically taking on the world before them!

We have indeed come full circle. Instead of Sis B, I am now, Laura. Instead of a leadership role, it is now a sisterhood and friendship. I look at these young women and feel a depth of love and pride, almost maternal, but not quite. It's something indescribable, but so joyful to my soul.

Circles of life...beautiful to behold.



Here it is!! I am so excited!! Please put this on your calendars and get ready for a SKINNIER, HEALTHIER, HAPPIER 2010!!! I will be directing a group in Eagle Mountain, and would love to have you be a part of changing your body and lifestyle while helping a wonderful cause! Contact me if you are interested! (See above details)

Give BIG, Lose BIG

Big news! I have hooked up with the Rose Education Foundation (a charity that gives support to schools in Guatemala) and am doing a fundraiser where not only can money be raised for this worthy cause....BUT......You will become SKINNY and HEALTHIER as you participate!!

I will be posting more soon.....!

(ps. This is NOT a "take a magic pill...eat only 500 calories a day....lose 40 pounds in two days" program. This is a program of healthy eating and lifestyle, that you can live on permanently...who's ready to take that step towards a healthier, happier, SKINNIER you?)