Valentine Bunnies

My oldest son and I were walking at the mall this week. We happened to go by "Spencer" gifts, etc. I have taught my kids that I can appreciate the rock/cult attractions for sale in this store, but there are also things that I find NOT appropriate. That said...As my son and I walked by the store, he turns to me and said, "Well Mom...at least they just have all those bunnies in the window!"

Too bad they were the icon for "Playboy" bunnies...LOL

I love the innocence of youth! Have a wonderful and LOVEly day!


Honesty...The best policy?

I have many things in my life that I believe in...My family, the gospel, SHOES, being healthy, Diet Mountain Dew, talking with friends, days at the spa, time spent alone, a good cry...But one of my most instinctual, down to the core, often times blunt, is my automatic reflex to be a bearer of truth. almost without fail.

Now...this does not include surprise parties, Santa Clause, or any thing of that nature. i just think that the truth is always better than "fluff," "beating around the bush," or not saying what EVERYONE is really thinking. Yeah...I'm a little on the "tough" side, and although I would rather have the unedited version, I know there are those who do not like this "upfront" demeanor.

My philosophy is this: I wouldn't be a true friend, or really love someone, if I wasn't upfront with them. I replay in my mind on one occasion when I had gone from a really dark hair color, to a color I fondly remember as "orange creme-cicle." As I went around looking for some much needed opinion, I got responses like, "YOU are the type of person who could pull this look off..." or "WOW...it's a big change...but it looks...FUN!" Only ONE of my friends actually owned-up, and told me the truth..."Laura, it looks like an orange creme-cicle." (THANK YOU!!)

Now I realize that there are things much deeper than hair color that people may ask for response about...Husbands, jobs, finances, children, depression, testimony, body-image...These things can be the base for so many other aspects of our lives. BUT...does that mean that we should "hide" our true feelings, instead of addressing them? Now I do realize there is a kind or "nice" way of saying the truth, and there is a rougher, or "meaner" version...and I do believe that no matter what the truth is, it can be told with gentleness, and politeness...

So...when my dear friend who has the body of a model is complaining about her "figure" and telling me that she can relate to my qualms (and my size 10), I should agree?! Or should I threated to whip up my shirt and show her my "extra jiggle" pouch and tell her to play her violin elsewhere?!! If my non-active friend is looking for reasons why she "can't" go to the temple, yet desires to so badly, shouldn't I tell her how I feel and bear her my testimony and tell her to "get to it!"? Or should I just say "it will happen, when it happens..."

I once had someone say to me, "Sometimes I just need to have a friend hold up a mirror and tell me what I NEED to hear..." Well...I guess I'm not THAT type of friend, because if it is not going to help you, support you, or make you a better person, I won't help someone into an illusion...

Honesty...The best policy? In my book...YES!

(Shoes of the day? Today I wore my creme, Converse "All Star" slip-ons...I love these because they are SO COMFORTABLE, you don't have to worry about any shoe-laces, and they add that little "retro-spunk" to any outfit!)


Counting Sheep

Yes...It's way into the hours of the wee morning, and I CANNOT go to sleep! I get these occasional boughts of insomnia, where my mind CANNOT turn off! I get into a groove of re-hashing, re-thinking, re-analyzing, and re-playing EVERYTHING I have done during the day...and often times...things I have done in my past...last week, last month, last year, two decades ago?! Then, of course, comes the fear that the hours are ticking away, and that I will not fall asleep in time to even PRETEND that I got ANY sleep before the alarm goes off beside my bed.

I have tried EVERYTHING...and I don't know what makes these episodes come to past...Sheep, baths, books, aromatherapy, fans, white noise, Xanax, back-rubs from my ever-so-supportive (and half-asleep) husband...Nothing has allowed me to "turn off" my over-stimulated mind!

So, I leave you all to your dreams (hopefully, no nightmares), your solitude, your cozy quilts and snoring spouses, as I sit and pray for sleep to find me...hopefully...before I decide to go and browse Zappos.com for my next pair of "dreamy" shoes!!

(Today's shoes--technically yesterday's shoes--- were a black, high-heeled, mary-jane, "new-wave," 3 inch wedge (think sleek and elegant wedge, not chunky doc-marten heel). Surprisingly very comfy...but not enough to bring about any relaxation- inducing sleep!)


Heaven to a Hellish Day

Had one of those days?

2 large fudge brownie squares
1 large scoop neopalitan icecream
1/2 cup warm caramel
1 large bowl
1 spoon

Enough said!!

(Feet are placed upon an ottoman, adorned with a "genie-like" pair of satin, jeweled and bedazzled sip-on mules!)


Look out Hollywood...

Today my family and I got asked to be in an LDS church video (they must of heard of how talented my son is! Hee hee. Really, there is a casting contact in our ward who called me). We went to the church's filming studio, and brought our "wardrobe" pieces (which I stayed up until 1 am washing) and "colgate" smiles. Of course we ran 30 minutes late...come on...I have a hard time getting the kids (and a husband) ready for just church each Sunday, let alone bringing SIX different outfits per family member!

The people at the studio were all very nice. The kids felt like they had "arrived," and were treated like ultimate stars! After we had settled in, and had been given our "motivation," we began filming...and filming...and filming...The first hour or so was great, and the kids did a great job (Even our youngest, who I had warned the casting contact about prior to our accepting the job!) Then came the second to third hour...

We were suppose to have looks of joy and "family fun" on our faces, but after the "up-teenth" time of shooting the same shot, my kids realized that acting maybe wasn't all it was cracked up to be. God bless 'em...They just acted their liitle hearts out! (This is when the "snack" table came in handy, with every kind of chocolate, donut, treat, candy, fruit, drink and FRUIT SNACK (life-saver!) known to mankind!) My naturally "theatrical" son was so serious about portraying the right "mood" that it almost worked against him in that some of the shots were overtly conveyed, and needed to be re-shot (more than once!)

All in all, it was a fun experience to have as a family. The kids (and who am I kidding, myself included) got their 15 minutes of fame, were also able to skip the first part of school, and then have a fun lunch together as a family. I also have a new found amazement for parents who support their children's desire to be a star...Look out Hollywood...I think we are going to stick to Disneyland!!

Shoes of the day? A camel-colored, faux leather, beaded and jewled, slip-on loafer...Very comfy, and were the first shoes I put on to go to the studio, which ended up being the shoes I filmed in at the studio, despite me bringing a whole bag of other shoes to the studio with me!! Just trying to be prepared...as well as drive my husband MAD trying to find the matches to said shoes, in my messy closet!


"Anonymous" as Clogs on a Wood floor...

I'm back!! Nope...didn't like the whole "anonymous" thing. What's the fun in EXTENDING yourself if you can't share specific details of who you are? Well...here's to new EXTENSIONS of myself, from my messy closet, full of my shoes that are the perfect EXTENSION of me!!

Oh...Did I mention that my cute niece put wonderfullly long and luscious hair EXTENSIONS on me? Did I mention I now have hair that would of taken me at least 5 years of frustration and tears to grow out? I SO ENJOYED going to church on Sunday...OF COURSE for the spiritual up-keep...but also for all the "looks" I received. (I LOVE playing with people's heads!!) I'm still trying to get use to my new lengths, but I figured this was just like any other change of hair-style, just in reverse to what it usually is!!

Today's shoes? A wonderful and confident pair of slip-on "sporty" shoes by DKNY...They are a nice balance to the new "do," in that they put a contrasting "athletically casual" yang to my "girly girl" hair-ying.