Mom's new Mams.....

My mom had her final surgery for breast cancer...the big (well, two big!) breast reconstruction! She was a trooper! And when all was said and done, she looked....NORMAL! Her small, petite, skinny frame was not now top-sided...she looked whole....complete...which I believe is what plastic surgery is truly all about. She was so worried, humble, and anxious as she began this new phase of her new body, and life. She teared up as she said, "I hope this is the last piece of the journey."

Me, too.

Love you, Mom!


Father 2009

Today we had a family "roast...." Not the kind you eat, but when you "roast" the individual with jokes and comments about traits that make them....THEM!! Andy has given us PLENTY of material, along with a whole lot of unconditional LOVE over the years!!

Happy Father's day, Andy/Dad!!


Slow down Summer!

My exceptional daughter has been placed in a district Accelerated Learning Lab class for next year!! I'm thrilled...and she's more concerned with who of her friends will be in the class with her ; ) (especially if one of them is named "Brayden...") I'm also hoping that I will get a spot teaching Resource next year, which would be incredible!!

Despite the "excitement" for next school year, I want the summer to slow down, already!! My biggest fear is that I will wake up, and it will be August, and back to the grind!! I want to savor moments with my children...soak in the sun...run more trails...ride the attractions at Lagoon with my kids...have an occasional lazy day...have an occasional day where I'm NOT thinking about girls camp...read about twenty more books!!

Gotta go! My "smarty pants" daughter is taking me to get pedicures!


Really fast post about two FAB reads that you can read FAST!!

I read both of these books in less than a week....Each different....
Each one I could not put down...


Talented Kids

My beautiful daughter performed at our local Pony Express Days Celebration. She is in the lead ballet class at her studio (pre-pointe), and she and her class performed a cute "Can-Can" segment from their upcoming ballet recital, "La Boutique Fantasque." Not to mention...how grown up does she look?!!

Waving to all her fans....

Showing a little "leg!"

If she could, she would LOVE to wear make-up like this EVERY DAY!!

Side view.....

Back view.....Yeah....I ROCKED IT with the hair styling.....And there was enough hairspray on this "do" that not even the huge winds we were having made it move!!

She is so beautiful!

On the stage.....

Getting ready.....

And here they go!!

Pirouettes with kicks.....

More foot work.....


Today I woke to the sound of the piano being played....."Mary had a Little Lamb"......

I found that my daughter had been teaching her six year old brother how to play the piano.....Her technique was impressive....My little Mozart!!

And....least you think I forgot my oldest child? Nope.....just don't see him much except when he is showing me extreme-sport-injuries from the new skate/bike park.....I'm surprised we have not had any broken bones (knock on wood!!!)
My children amaze me!!


Too Negative.

Sorry about the previous post.....which I removed..... A new day, and a clearer set of eyes made a big difference! I have nothing to complain about when you really look at the grand scheme of things....but at times I am human, and have to vent, scream, and cry a little!!

Here's looking at things through a new set of eyes:  See "Sisters of Hope" at cjanerun.com, and go to the link on Carol...