When I was a freshman in High school, it was required that everyone took Keyboarding, also known as, Type. The class room had a constant sound of fingers hitting keys in a rhythmic montage...where...for and hour and twenty minutes, this constant sound was repeated, again, and again...

It wasn't until I was in college, that I realized not everyone could type--I mean, REALLY type. I can type without looking at the keys, and rarely do I make an overt number of mistakes, and can do it in a very limited amount of time. While we were in school, I would painstakingly watch as my husband would start to type up a paper...tap...tap...tap...when I would suddenly find myself typing his paper for him instead of listening to that depressing sound. Any colleagues of mine at work were amazed how I would type up agendas, reports and what-nots so swiftly...At our recent Stake Talent Show? Yes...It was I who typed up the entire script for the youth who had parts in the program...word...for...word...

I wonder if it will ever be passe to know how to type--Will typing, emailing and text messaging give way to voice only? Is it only a matter of time before this subtle talent of mine will be made into jokes and "I remember when's...?"

Timeless talents...Are there any?!



I feel overwhelmed....The kind where you feel like you are in a dazed, immovable state, where you know you need to "get to it," but have so much to "get to," you don't know where to start.

As excited as I am for my Stake calling, it is truly like a full-time job... I feel that I am in meetings more each day than I am with my kids each day! I came home at 11pm from ONE of my weekly meetings...and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Along with this new "job," I still profess to be a Magazine Contibutor (which means my "part-time" job), financial planner, chemo entertainer and supporter (each week it takes 5-6 hours total time to complete), taxi-cab driver, my current ward calling as 2nd Counselor in YW (yup--no release yet!), spouse (I have forgotten what my husband looks like--has anyone seen him? because I sure haven't!!), and SAHM, which basically encompasses everything else!! Along with this--I GOTTA have some "me" time...is that selfish? Am I allowed? I still haven't used any of my b-day massages, and I feel as though I run approximately five 10k's each day--but that is without the benefit of the serenity of my nano playing in my ear, as I run and meditate!!

But what I'm really worried about?

How will all of this affect my ability to see "The Office" each week?!

(Got to have SOME humor about all of this!)


February 29th!!!!!!



Deer in the headlights

So...1st counselor in the Stake Young Women Presidency...Called at 7:30am...Sustained at 9:00am...A morning of explaining to fellow ward members that I REALLY did not know until 7:30am that morning of my calling...Calling my YW president, who also did not know of my calling until that moment when I called her...Coming home to a phone message from my sister (who is in my Stake) saying, "Soooo....Is there something you want to tell me?!"...Going to my first Stake Youth Council and getting right into planning the upcoming Talent Show happening in two weeks...looking at a calendar that had all these meetings with all these acronyms that I did not understand...Youth Conference and 300 youth...Counting my blessings that Girls camp was at a ward level this year...Having the Stake Presidency look at me and say, "So, are you the one speaking in the Ward Conference, next week?"...Did I mention meetings?...

Yup...that is me...Deer in the headlights...!



What do you do when you are called to meet with the Stake President in the morning?...at 7:30AM...Any suggestions or words of advice?...


Does the Shoe Fit?

After a long night, finishing two articles for the magazine, I heard a knock at my front door...

My friend had brought me a gift...

So appropriate! (Yes--it's a chair!!)