Pornographic Poultry

We had a great Thanksgiving...My Uncle, who I never see regularly, was able to come this year to the festivities. He's an interesting guy...a daredevil, Harley-driving, rock 'n roll spirit who lives a very colorful life!

He shared this little "story" with me and my sister...

His girlfriend had planned on cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for the first time with her family (she is younger than my youngest sister...ya....my Uncle is a "play-ah") Knowing that he was not going to be there for the actual event, he supplied her family with the turkey.

Imagine his surprise when he got this photo/text message on his phone during Thanksgiving break...(Imagine a picture of a uncooked turkey, with someone holding the neck...like the photo above...)

Her text: "Why is there a d*ck in my turkey?!"

You can imagine how we reacted when my dear grandfather later asked "where is the neck?"

Here's to the holidays!! (And I hope you all practiced "safe turkey!")


I'm going to SMACK you!

Yes folks...It is time...It is time to go rock and RAGE at the E Center tomorrow evening...I can feel my hostile and recently overwhelming existence being eluded for 2 good hours of screaming, pulsing, acting like a teenager again, moshing, fist pumping, singing along until your voice is gone and all that is left are strained vocal chords and a sore throat...

I refer to "this" type of music as my angry, muse to my running work-out, invigorating, soul-searching, sometimes (swearing!), letting go of anxiety, Hades bound, beats that get my blood pumping and warm fuzzies flowing!

Just another side of Yolanda : )

(Hey...the lead guy's name is Sully...like in Monster's Inc...It's all good!!)