Running with Rex down the Rabbit Hole

We had a great "Rex Lee Run" pre-snow : ) This was despite the fact that our GPS monitors mapped it at only a 5.6 mile run?! Wonder how many years it should have really been called the "Rex Lee 9K?!" (At least it is honoring the man over the Law School, and not the Math/Cartography department?!) We were even interviewed at the race by a BYU group (yup, we're famous! LOL) Even though my "stellar" pace (that is a 9K that is promoted as a 10K making my pace outstounding!!) Andy still ran by my side, despite his urge to sprint the whole thing! I had a good cry at the end in honor of my mom (who is amazing!) We ended the day tumbling down a rabbit hole with the family at the movies, followed by a great meal! Total bliss!

This is the picture best describing our relationship...Andy is always making me laugh!! We goof around so much!!

Yeah...these guys saw the first photo interaction, and knew we needed to be famous...LOL!
This one's for you, Mom!
Andy loves Mom!
Carolyn C. Pulley is a SURVIVOR!
Post run...Post cry...Good times!
Kids loved Alice in Wonderland...Ella even wore her hat for the occasion!
LOVE this picture!!

What a GREAT day!


Manda said...

Sweet!! You guys rock!

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

Okay, I vow to come by more often! I'll put your feed on my other blog. I just don't check this one that much anymore. Come over to my new one k?

Love the pics, girl! Love your hair. I think I'll copy the style so we can be twins! Miss you!