Memorial Day #1

"Run with me, my brother
This morning, you and I.
As we reach the brilliant peak ahead,
Side by side, you and I.

Run with me, my brother
I want to feel you near.
To know you are there beside me
Cresting over each new hill.

Run with me, my brother
You were not here today.
The wind chilled me as I ran,
And I struggled to run the way.

Run with me, my brother
What trails do you run now?
Where do you run so quickly?
And leave no compass to show me how?

Run with me, my brother
Fill my soul with strength and peace.
Run with me, my brother
For my love will never cease.

Run with me, my brother
Here upon the earthly ground.
Run with me, my brother
Not beyond, in Heaven’s round.

Run with me, my brother
Where I can run with you.
Run with me, my brother
Where the sun will shine anew."

-LPB 5/31/2010


Nisha said...

Love you Laura! You are an inspiration to me in so many ways. XOXOXO!

Megan said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and talents. They apply to all of us who have someone who is not here, but who we still want to share things with. Love you.

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

Such a beautiful poem. So heartfelt. Thank you for sharing it. You probably sobbed as you read it the first time, or did you write it? I didn't notice if you put the author or not.

Hugs and kisses

Laura said...


Megan!! How have you been?!!

Melissa--yes, I wrote it yesterday :)

Whitney said...

Beautifully written :)

Lori said...

I love this poem. It is so beautiful. What a gift you have.

I am so sorry- I know what is like to lose a sibling. The last year was rough for you guys. I hope this summer is beautiful and peaceful for you.

Jamie said...


Laura said...

Thank you all for your love! It has been a hard holiday/week...a lot of tears lately...

Sha said...

That really is inspiring and beautiful.

Steph said...

wow laura you are so talented! so beautifully written! Your amazing and have so much strength and inner and outer beauty!! Luv ya