Ragnar: Wasatch Back 2011

We had an AMAZING time running our second Ragnar Relay!! We were able to run in the same van as my sister and hubby, plus two amazing women who turned into fast friends :)
I was runner #5, which had a 7.9 mile run,a 4.2 mile run,and a 3.5 mile run ( per my Garmin! ) More details to come! Right now, I'm still REALLY sleep deprived, even after sleeping for 16 HOURS last night (LOVE having older kiddos!)

Best pace: 7:45
Overall pace: 9:30


Whitney said...

You two look great! I can't believe how much your run, its amazing.
Oh and I can't wait until I can sleep like that again.

Steph said...

You guys do look great! I'm glad you had a great time. I admire your amazing running abilities. I'm sad that us coming to play with your kids didn't work out. Sal was working like a crazy man and the kids were all sick. We will have to come visit soon and see chickens!

Grammy Cindy said...

Way to go!!

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

This is fantastic!

I miss reading your blog. I forget to check it out very often with facebook and everything. Miss all those great conversations we used to have while blogging in the old days! We should get together some day. =) Have your people call my people.

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