My Kind of Documentary!

I'll take one of each!!


The Sandovals said...

I take one of each too!! Except the tiny footed ones from China :) I agree great documentary!

Amy Lynn said...

What a perfect documentary! Except now I have a complete craving for a new pair of shoes...where to go, where to go!

Lisa M. said...


Now I am wondering what my shoes say about me.

VERY interesting!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I have a thing about high heels lately. I absolutely love them. They are beautiful and sexy. I have a few pair but the problem is, I hate to wear them!

I feel like I'm going to fall down, my toes pinch, the balls of my feet ache and I get a sprained ankle most of the time I try!

Why cant they feel like my birkenstocks? How do other people pull it off and make it look painless?? And those shoes on your post..... "hello lover"

S'mee said...

Oh how I wish I were one of those who could say that beauty has no pain. I have cankles and they hurt all the time, so I am queen of the "can these shoes make my ankles look any fatter?" shoes. Oy.

That said I do have a closet full of kitten heels, three inchers, and even flats that I never wear.

Robyn said...

Hi Yolanda! I'm trying to reach you by email, but I can't find a link. will you email me please? Thank you!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

time for a new post!!!! I miss you!

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